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We provide professional services in filing applications for patents, utility models, designs and trademarks at IP Offices in Korea and foreign countries.

We also represent our clients in filing PCT-based international applications at WIPO for patents based on the PCT and trademarks based on the Madrid Protocol, and entering national phases in designated countries.

In addition, we provide professional services for infringement lawsuits, trials and appeals, legal advices, expert opinions, licensing, and technology transfer with regard to intellectual property including patent, utility model, design and trademark rights, etc.

  • Domestic and International Application Filing and Prosecution

    • Drafting and filing applications for patents, utility models, designs and trademarks
    • Prosecuting domestic and international applications for patents, utility models, designs and trademarks
  • Trials and Lawsuits

    • Appeals & Trials at the Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board (IPTAB)
    • Lawsuits at the Patent Court
    • Final appeals at the Supreme Court
    • Legal consultations on disputes against infringement of intellectual
  • Patent Licensing and Technology Transfer

    • Conducting patent licensing and technology transfer between patent owners and buyers
  • Technical Evaluations and Assessments

    • Assessments and technical evaluations in relation to legal disputes on intellectual properties
  • Prior Art Searching

    • Investigating and analyzing domestic and foreign prior art references in particular technological fields to provide a guidance for technical development
  • Oppositions and Responses

    • Oppositions and responses thereto regarding the published patents, utility models, designs or trademarks
  • Providing the newest technology information

    • Providing clients with the newest technology information in particular technical fields, either under development or under promotion by domestic and foreign enterprises, as well as technical analysis based on intellectual property publications including patents