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[2020.10]Trademark applications increased for K-beauty and cosmetics w…

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작성일20-10-19 14:21 조회279회

□ The Korean Intellectual Property Office (Director Wonjoo Park) revealed that trademark applications for cosmetics increased about 39.6% from 15,017 cases in 2014 to 20,956 cases in 2019 powered by the influence of the Korean Wave such as K-pop and K-drama, and the increasing preference of domestic and foreign consumers for the quality and brand of K-beauty cosmetics.

* Trademark applications for cosmetics: (‘14) 15,017 → (’17) 19,088 → (‘19) 20,956 cases

In the last 5 years ('15~'19), the companies that have filed a number of trademark applications for cosmetics are LG Household & Health Care and Amorepacific as large companies, followed by road shop brands The Face Shop, Missha, and Tony Moly. In particular, LG Household & Health Care and Amorepacific ranked first and third in companies that have filed a number of trademark applications not only in cosmetics but also in the total number of trademark applications.

□. The proportion of trademark applications in cosmetics by large company type decreased by half from 11.8% in 2015 to 5.8% in 2019, while the proportion of SMEs increased from 34.5% to 39.2%, and the proportion of individuals increased from 34.1% to 37.1%, thereby increasing the proportion of SMEs and individuals increased by 7.7% percent point from 68.6% in 2015 to 76.3% in 2019.

This is attributed to the fact that cosmetics distribution through online has been invigorated, and SMEs and venture companies and individual businesses can enter the cosmetics market relatively easily through commissioned production of OEM and ODM companies without their own production facilities.

In addition, as the demand for non-face-to-face online shopping increases, consumers are easily exposed to various brands through hashtags and keyword searches, and new high-quality brands gain popularity in a short period of time as they quickly become viral through blog reviews and the like.

It is analyzed that the K-pop craze that gave wings to K-beauty brands also had a big impact. The mask pack of a certain company, after selecting Korea's leading K-pop idol group BTS as an advertising model, was sold out within 3 hours of product launch, and it is not uncommon that cosmetic advertising female actress models are replaced by famous male idols.

□. Sam-Sup Moon, Director of Trademark Design Examination at the Korea Intellectual Property Office, said, “The importance of the brand is expected to increase as K-brands are expected to enhance their status in an appropriate response to Corona 19, and the scale of online transactions is expected to increase rapidly in the non-face-to-face era,” and he added “The Korean Intellectual Property Office will communicate in various ways so that SMEs and venture companies and private business owners can easily and quickly acquire trademark rights and enter the domestic and overseas markets.”